Saturday, May 14, 2011


BORACAY ISLAND, Malay, Aklan - The environment coordinator of Malay Mayor John Yap warned stakeholders here of massive beach erosion if they continue not to take care of this resort island.

Elena Brugger said that beach erosion could be further felt with the onset of the climate change in this resort island.

"Climate change experts tell us that there will be a one meter sea level rise in the near future. This is equivalent to a one meter beach erosion in Boracay. In the white beach we could see many tables and chairs symbolizing business as usual for Boracay, it should have been planted by trees as defense for our coastal areas," she said.

Among the indicators of the worsening beach erosion in this resort island is the sprouting of pipelines of industries. The Diniwid area is also not accessible to tourists during high tide and rainy seasons due to flooding.

The Diniwid area suffers from beach erosion because some establishments in the area are not compliant with the environmental law.

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  1. Coastal consultants may propose various hard or soft engineering options in these situations. One soft option that has dropped off the radar in recent years is beach drainage or beach dewatering. You need some beach to work with, so may need to be combined with nourishment. Maybe costs can be offset from heat-pump revenues.

    Check out Ecoplage website from France